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Trent Kelly, DDS -  - General Dentist

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Trent Kelly, DDS

General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Idaho Falls, ID

If you’re missing some or all of your permanent teeth, dentures provide a natural-looking and affordable replacement option. At Choice Dental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Trent Kelly, DDS, offers full and partial dentures to restore smiles. To learn more, schedule an appointment today. Book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly team member.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are false teeth. They’re oral prosthetics made from materials like metal, plastic, and acrylic. 

Dentures fit snugly over your gums, allowing you to bite, speak, and chew confidently. They’re easy to care for and preserve your oral health, preventing common problems caused by missing teeth like gum recession and bone decay.

What are the different types of dentures?

At Choice Dental, Dr. Kelly offers several types of dentures, including:

Partial dentures

If you’re only missing a few permanent teeth, you might benefit from partial dentures. Partial dentures feature a wire framework that snaps into place around your existing teeth. To prevent the build-up of plaque and food particles, make sure to brush your partial dentures at least once a day. 

Full dentures

If you’re missing all of your permanent teeth, consider full dentures. Full dentures feature a pink acrylic base and a full arch of prosthetic teeth that rest on top of your gums. Like partial dentures, you can remove full dentures at any time.

What is the process for getting dentures?

Getting dentures involves two separate appointments. At your first appointment, Dr. Kelly conducts an oral exam, reviews your oral health history, and asks about your goals for treatment. After gathering this information, he takes molds of your teeth and gums. 

Dr. Kelly sends your molds to a dental laboratory that manufactures your dentures. The lab uses your custom molds to create a set of dentures that look natural and fit perfectly. About a week later you return to Choice Dental. You try your dentures on and Dr. Kelly makes adjustments as necessary. Afterward, you leave the office with a brilliant new smile.

How do I keep my dentures in great shape?

To keep your dentures in optimal shape, it’s important to take them out every night. Dr. Kelly recommends rinsing them off thoroughly in cool tap water and gently brushing them with a soft-bristle toothbrush. At this time, you should also brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth.

After cleaning your dentures, soak them in a solution overnight. This prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria and food particles, ensuring your dentures last for years. When you wake up in the morning, rinse your dentures off and put them back in. 

If you want to replace some or all of your missing permanent teeth, dentures can help. Schedule an appointment at Choice Dental today, book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly staff member.