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Teeth Whitening

Trent Kelly, DDS -  - General Dentist

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Trent Kelly, DDS

General Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Idaho Falls, ID

If your teeth are yellow, stained, dingy, or discolored, teeth whitening treatment provides a safe and effective way to transform your smile. At Choice Dental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Trent Kelly, DDS, offers both in-office chairside teeth whitening and take-home whitening trays with the GLO™ Science Professional whitening system. To schedule an appointment today, book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly team member.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why are my teeth yellow and dingy?

Teeth become yellow and dingy due to the natural aging process. As you get older, the outer layer of your teeth (enamel) wears down. This reveals the inner layer of your teeth (dentin), which is a dull yellow color. The more dentin that shines through, the yellower your teeth appear.

Several other factors can cause your teeth to change color, including:

  • Drinking beverages like coffee and red wine
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Using tobacco
  • Taking certain medications

There’s no way to stop tooth discoloration entirely, but teeth whitening can improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth for four to six months at a time.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a type of cosmetic dentistry that uses medical-grade solutions to brighten your teeth and eliminate stains. Dr. Kelly provides teeth whitening with the GLO™ Science Professional teeth whitening system. Hydrogen peroxide is the active whitening ingredient in GLO. Hydrogen peroxide is a harmless product that presents no negative side-effects.

What types of teeth whitening are offered?

At Choice Dental, Dr. Kelly offers two types of teeth whitening treatment, including:

In-office chairside teeth whitening

In-office whitening is a quick, outpatient procedure that can make your teeth between 6-10 shades* brighter. Before treatment, Dr. Kelly covers your tongue and gums with a rubber dam. Then, he carefully applies the GLO whitening solution to the surface of your teeth. The solution sits for 10-15 minutes and Dr. Kelly points a special light at it.

The special light triggers a bleaching reaction that eliminates stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. Dr. Kelly repeats these steps several times until achieving your desired results.

Take-home teeth whitening trays

Take-home whitening trays provide the same stunning results as chairside whitening, but the process takes a little longer. 

With take-home whitening trays you squeeze a solution of hydrogen peroxide into two custom mouth trays, one for your lower arch and one for your upper arch. You wear your aligners for 4-6 hours a day and the solution gently removes stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. 

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent, but it can provide noticeable results for four to six months at a time, and in some cases, even longer. To maintain your white teeth, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene. Brush and floss daily and visit Choice Dental every six months for teeth cleaning and an exam.

If possible, avoid bad habits such as using tobacco or drinking dark beverages like coffee or colas. If you can’t stop drinking these beverages entirely, try sipping them through a straw. This can limit the number of stains that develop.

To explore teeth whitening further, schedule an appointment at Choice Dental today. Book a consultation online, or call the office and speak with a friendly team member.

*Individual results may vary.